Halloween Recipes Featuring Potatoes

Setting up a shindig for Halloween? Looking for some “gory” recipes that accentuate your macabre party theme? Then Wisconsin potatoes are a great choice. halloween-treat-eyeball-potatoes-300x142First — potatoes are very versatile and easy to make. You can bake, fry, chip, microwave, mash, grill or boil them. Second — they’re healthy! The average medium potato has only 110 calories, is rich in fiber and potassium and is free of fat, cholesterol and gluten. Third, you can make a lot of creative recipes with potatoes — from the outright ghoulish, to the subtly scary.

Here is a selection of Halloween recipes that will put just the right amount of trickery and treat in your Halloween party.

  • Blood and Guts Potatoes. What a great name for such a simple recipe! All you need are potatoes, fresh mozzarella balls and ketchup — and then let your creative side go!
  • Potato Skin Ghosts. These ghosts are a great way to get a healthy energy boost before trick-or-treating. They’re so fun to look at, you might have trouble convincing your family to eat them!
  • Potato Ghosts. Here’s another ghost theme — but this one allows you to have fun with mashed potatoes. This recipe is so versatile that your children can help you come up with other edible items to decorate the ghosts.
  • Alien Baked Potatoes. Easy and scary! Dress up your baked potatoes with ketchup and vampire teeth. This video will show you how.
  • Potato Brain. If you’re comfortable with a using a pastry bag, then this recipe is for you. Here’s your chance to create a “brain” with mashed potatoes.
  • Stuffed Potato Ghosts Recipe. If you love fingerlings, then you’ll love these miniature stuffed potato ghosts.
  • Halloween Potato Soup with Spooky Croutons. In this recipe a delicious potato soup is dressed up with homemade spooky croutons made from bread. All you need are a few Halloween cookie cutters to make the job easy.
  • Spooky Eyeball Potatoes. What’s a Halloween party without spooky eyeballs. Gather potatoes, pimento stuffed green olives, baby potatoes, cream cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper — that’s it.

Finally, if you’re looking for a nice Halloween craft idea, why not make Halloween treat bags and decorate them using a potato stamp? Potatoes are easy to carve with designs — from pumpkins to black bats. Simply press your potato stamp onto and inkpad and you can create customized treat bags for people to take home with them. Let us know how these ideas work for you or share another spooky potato idea with us!

Happy Halloween!


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