Believe it or not, this Thursday, November 7th, is National Men Make Dinner Day. If you don’t believe us, here’s the link to the event that occurs on the first Thursday of November and has for more than a decade, It’s quite humorous, but underlying the comedic is a real sense of goodwill and accomplishment. National Men Make Dinner DaySure, many men in the household not only cook and cook very well, but there are still a handful of holdouts, and this national day aims to convert those potential chefs of chivalry to invest in meal preparation for more than one night each year.

As the website says, you’re a candidate if you’re well, a man, if you help with household chores, have a sense of humor, are a great all-around guy, and love your wife/girlfriend, kids and pets. Perhaps we should also include on that list that you have a wonderful partner who has been cooking for you nightly and that you appreciate a good meal. After all, what good guy wouldn’t want to eat a good meal the one day he’s responsible for it?

The day of reckoning is the brainchild of a disc jockey named Sandy Sharkey and is replete with rules like the main meal must have at least four ingredients and use one cooking utensil other than a fork. And after dinner, the man returns to the table to discuss his experience, he receives a hug, and his TV remote is returned to him. Of course, there are plenty of wonderful recipes to follow which can be found in this section of the site, If you scroll down on the site, you’ll see our favorites for Baked Potato Skins, Cheesy Chicken & Potato Casserole and Vegetarian Korma.

On this evening of equality, there are, of course, prohibitions like no  “chewing gum, cotton candy, neighbor’s left-overs from last night,” are allowed.  If you’re going to participate this next Thursday, your friends at Feeding Your Family have one last tip for you.  If you want to read about cooking, and want to know one of the simplest recipes in all of America, read this blog post, And, as always, don’t forget to toss in your favorite Wisconsin potatoes to complete the dish.


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