Here’s the dish on holiday side dishes

Holiday Side DishesOkay, we know the holiday banquet is fast approaching. For some it might take place on Christmas Eve, for others Christmas day, and still others the evening of Christmas. Certainly, there will be many of you who will prepare a turkey, some a holiday ham, and still others will opt for a prime rib of beef.  But don’t let the entrée necessarily get in the way of your side dishes. Think about making your “sides” center stage.

December has always been a month for large consumption of Wisconsin potatoes. And, of course, there’s nothing better. But rather than the usual approach to mashed potatoes with your entrée, try this mashed potato recipe that has a little more flavor by adding cream cheese,  Or try this wonderful mashed potato recipe using avocados,

Speaking of potatoes, don’t forget a side dish of Wisconsin’s very own Superfood, the very tasty Wisconsin Sweet Potato.  As many of you know, there are over 1,000 types of sweet potatoes, although many varieties are not edible.  The sweet potato actually dates back to 8000 BC where remnants in Peru have been discovered.  Here’s a very simple but extremely tasty recipe for your holiday meal,

In our family, the kids can’t get enough of creamed spinach, which we always make during the holidays.  Over the years, we’ve experimented with many different creamed spinach dishes, but we keep returning to the classic recipe that has been around for decades.  You’ll find it in the Joy of Cooking, but you’ll also find it right here:

Finally, if you just can’t sell the family on spinach, try green beans. In the immortal words of Emeril Lagasse, “Let’s kick it up a notch”, try his excellent green bean dish as a holiday side; and as you’ll see, it’s made with bacon, and that might be just the trick for getting some people to enjoy their green beans during the holidays,,1000011,FOOD_9936_399359_07,00.html.


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