It’s Time for Our Just Desserts

Chocolate-Potato-Cherry-Cream-TorteWhether it’s the holidays, a new year’s eve celebration or any special occasion, American families love their desserts – sometimes a little too much – but there are some extremely tasty and not blatantly decadent desserts that the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association gives their “thumbs-up” to. But before we tell you about them, here’s a little background on desserts and how they came to be an important staple in our meals.

“The French noun dessert,” Michael Krondl explains in his book titled SWEET INVENTION: The History of Dessert, “originates with the verb desservir, or un-serve, that is, to remove what has been served. In other words, le dessert was set out once the table had been cleared of the dishes that made up the main part of the meal.” Krondl goes on to explain that the term appears a couple of times in the late 14th century, but its current meaning did not stick until the 1900s.

With the manufacturing of sugar in the Middle Ages, desserts really began to blossom, but mostly for the wealthy, as sugar was still a very expensive ingredient.  Vanilla, which is also a staple ingredient of many desserts, was mostly grown in Mexico where the culture discovered that when the vanilla pod was dried naturally, it became a sweet ingredient for desserts.  It has been reported that ice cream dates back to 3000BC, the first apple pie recipe is thought to have been published in 1381 and the first cupcake recipe in 1740.

But here are some modern-day dessert recipes from the files of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association that we know you’ll enjoy. Let’s start with Pecan Toffee Bars with Wisconsin Russet Potatoes; this dish will last through the holiday week, and it’s a nice change of pace to the more traditional cake recipes:

And here’s one of our very favorite all-time holiday recipes; it’s Chocolate Wisconsin Potato Cherry Cream Torte, and we can absolutely guarantee you that it’s wonderful. We know first hand as our staff devoured the Torte after it was made in our kitchens:

From all of us at Feeding Your Family, have a wonderful, healthy, nutritious, safe and prosperous holiday.


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