Posted in January 2014

Clean Eating is certainly the way to clean-up

The Clean Eating movement has certainly been catching on and with good reason.  We’ve become enthralled with this topic and will probably devote additional time and resources to it throughout the year. To be clear, Clean Eating is not a dietary program, but rather a program for preparing and eating foods that are in their … Continue reading

We love the holidays

Just to be clear, the holiday we’re talking about is National Soup Month. That’s right; it’s happening now – all month long in January. And just in time, we might add. With the Polar Vortex having descended on us, and who knows, maybe another one to follow, we can’t get enough of the warm stuff, … Continue reading

Feed your brain some carbs

What the heck, don’t limit it to your brain, include your muscles and liver, too.  And don’t forget to include your entire family in the action. That’s because carbohydrates play a crucial role in our diet and health and it’s critical to understand why. Carbs, along with fat, are your body’s primary source of energy.  … Continue reading