Clean Eating is certainly the way to clean-up

Natural FoodsThe Clean Eating movement has certainly been catching on and with good reason.  We’ve become enthralled with this topic and will probably devote additional time and resources to it throughout the year. To be clear, Clean Eating is not a dietary program, but rather a program for preparing and eating foods that are in their natural state, or at least close to it, in every meal.  It’s as much of a lifestyle commitment as it is an exercise in healthy eating.

Clean Eating dates back to the natural health food movement of the 1960s, which limited the intake of processed foods in favor of a more healthy approach to eating.  Eventually it landed in gyms, where it gained momentum among body builders and fitness models. Recently, however, it made the jump into mainstream America, inspiring a new generation of healthy eaters.

Here are some of the guiding principles of eating clean:

  1. Eat five or six times each day with three full meals and two snacks
  1. Drink at least two liters of water a day
  1. To the best of your abilities, try to avoid processed and refined foods like flour, sugar, bread and pasta
  1. Watch your intake of trans fats, sugar and a lot of fried foods
  1. Consume healthy carbohydrates like potatoes
  1. Slow down and sit down – make your meals family time and don’t keep eating standing-up
  1. Know your portion sizes, how much fills you up, and stick to that
  1. Read labels, may people believe that the longer the list of ingredients, the more harmful it might be

Clean Eating sounds pretty basic and it really is. But, there is a little more to it.  For example, we have heard the best way to sort of wrap your arms around Clean Eating is to consider it this way – instead of eating a banana nut muffin, eat a banana and some nuts.  This is really a case where less is more. The less it’s processed, the more healthy it becomes.

Think of Clean Eating this way – want a potato which is a good carbohydrate? Bake it, put a little butter on it, sprinkle it with pepper and some of your other favorite spices and enjoy.


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