Posted in February 2014

The few, the proud, the tureens

It’s still cold out there, and if you live in the Midwest or in the East, the forecast for this week isn’t pretty. We’re expecting another round of frigid temperatures with the icy conditions still plaguing those of us who like to walk, and the heartiest of souls who like to bike. It is therefore … Continue reading

Let them eat Хинкали, Хачапури, Барабуля and potato salad

As we celebrate the winter games of the XXII Olympiad in Sochi, we thought to ask the question, “What does the average family in Sochi eat?”  Well, if you must know, some dishes like Хинкали, Хачапури and Барабуля, sound downright tasty. Хинкали is Georgian-style ravioli, Хачапури is bread filled with cheese, and Барабуля is goatfish. … Continue reading

All hail the mighty tuber

Well, February is National Potato Lover’s Month, but it’s also National Sweet Potato Month, and one of our very most favorite celebrations, National Hot Breakfast Month. Let’s tie all three of these events together. But first, a little history about our dear friend the tuber. There’s been a lot written about the life of the … Continue reading