Let them eat Хинкали, Хачапури, Барабуля and potato salad

sochi_olympics_2014_logoAs we celebrate the winter games of the XXII Olympiad in Sochi, we thought to ask the question, “What does the average family in Sochi eat?”  Well, if you must know, some dishes like Хинкали, Хачапури and Барабуля, sound downright tasty. Хинкали is Georgian-style ravioli, Хачапури is bread filled with cheese, and Барабуля is goatfish. Actually, the average Sochi resident has quite a diverse food palette primarily because the region caters to several food influences.

Uzbek Cuisine consists mostly of stews, porridges,  soups and broth.  Pilaf, flatbread and kebobs, comprised of mutton, beef, liver and chicken, are found everywhere. Georgian cuisine consists of cheese bread, dumplings stuffed with meat, spices and onions and served with a tomato or white sauce. The Mediterranean influence is rooted in soups, pastas and stews using lots of nuts, herbs, spices, garlic and onions.

Sochi is an interesting community as it’s not only Russia’s largest resort town with a year-round population of 350,000. It swells to three-times that size in the summer primarily because it’s one of the few cities in Russia with a fairly mild winter temperature and lot’s of sun and warmth in summer. But do they really eat potato salad? You bet they do and it’s one of their most popular dishes.

In Sochi, and for that matter throughout Russia, they call their potato salad Salad Olivier named after a Belgium chef who created the dish. The recipes for Salad Olivier vary when it comes to the meat ingredient and our research shows the meat can be beef, bologna, poultry or veal. But what doesn’t vary is the popularity of the dish. Try this recipe we found during our research: http://www.ruscuisine.com/recipes/appetizers/meat/n–50. So, this week, when you’re watching a little biathlon, luge, hockey or ski jumping, watch with a dish of Salad Olivier and make your Olympic experience a little more authentic.


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