The madness that is March Madness

march-madness-2014Let’s put March Madness into perspective before we talk about our real focus, which is, of course, feeding your family, nutrition, entertaining, and living a good way of life. March Madness is as culturally ingrained in our way of life as is the Super Bowl, Mother’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day. Maybe even more so, with the exception of the Super Bowl.

Don’t believe it? Try getting your arms around these staggering statistics. There are over 60 million Americans who fill out brackets – basically 20% of us do it. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that more than $2.5 billion is gambled illegally on the event, and a vast amount of studies clearly indicate that work performance decreases during the weekdays when the tournament is played, which is typically consecutive Thursdays and Fridays. And by the way, March Madness ranks second behind the Super Bowl in the cost of a television commercial for the Final Four and Championship games.

To satisfy our curiosity, and our hunger, we wanted to see how many Google searches there were for March Madness Recipes – 136,000,000 to be precise. That’s Million with a capital M. We then went to Pinterest to see what kinds of recipes people were making and sharing on the popular social network. To no one’s surprise, there are many recipes with the words Slam Dunk, Bracketologist Chili, Take it to the Hoop Brownies, Courtside Caramel Corn, March Munching Madness Cookies and the list goes on.

Here are a few we came across that really sounded delicious to us. Let’s start with the easiest of all, the always-popular Easy Potato Skins: Then there’s this one that looks perfect for the next big game – Mini Burger Potato Bites: And perhaps to compliment those wonderful mini burgers you can try these Spicy Sweet Potato Fries:

But let’s not forget about desserts particularly if the game goes into overtime. Look at this simple recipe for Basketball Cake that will capture the imagination of any age sports fan: And this recipe for Slam Dunk Coolies:

Whatever recipe you make for March Madness, have fun doing it. Involve the family, be creative, and from all of us at Feeding Your Family, we hope your team wins!



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