Posted in April 2014

Boy oh boy, we sure can pack it away

We write often enough about what we eat, where it comes from, who grows our food and why it’s important to buy and eat locally. But here’s some new insights that are really mind-boggling – stomach-boggling, too. Did you know that the average American eats nearly a ton of food per year? Of course you did. But … Continue reading

Know where your food is coming from

No question we’ve all been hearing a lot about the importance of knowing where you’re food is coming from. And there have been many discussions, conferences, international meetings, and even statewide initiatives talking about food traceability. It’s a hot topic and it should be. After all, food travels many miles, sometimes even thousands of miles, … Continue reading

Have you heard the good news?

Well, even if you have, we hope you won’t mind if we tell all the other readers of our Feeding Your Family blog. One of the trade associations we keep a close eye on is called the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), which is a very large organization headquartered in Delaware that’s responsible for representing produce … Continue reading

The Other Final Four

One of our voracious readers, and yes, we have many of them, wrote to us and reminded our team that there’s another Final Four that’s also known as the Frozen Four. This is the event happening this week in Philadelphia where the top teams from the NCAA Men’s Hockey tournament go toe-to-toe and skate-to-skate. Our … Continue reading

Let’s tour the final four

Last weekend, the NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four was narrowed down from 64 teams to, well, the final four teams. As many people know, the colleges are the University of Florida in Gainesville, University of Wisconsin in Madison, University of Connecticut in Storrs, and the University of Kentucky in Lexington. We thought it might be … Continue reading