Have you heard the good news?

Well, even if you have, we hope you won’t mind if we tell all the other readers of our Feeding Your Family blog. One of the trade associations we keep a close eye on is called the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), which is a very large organization headquartered in Delaware that’s responsible for representing produce providers and their affiliates throughout the United States. Recently, the organization announced a new initiative titled “eat brighter!” in partnership with Sesame Street.

The program was developed to encourage children between the ages of 2-5, their parents and their caregivers to eat more fruits and vegetables. Research has shown that children who are overweight at these early ages are five times more likely to be overweight as adults. So, it’s extremely important that as we feed our families, we understand that fruits and vegetables are at the heart of good nutrition.

In retailers across the country, you’ll be seeing Sesame Street characters used in conjunction with produce promotions and that’s going to be a wonderful sight. After all, there’s probably no stronger and more influential brand than Sesame Street when it comes to children. The initial idea was forged through collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America, which encourages parents to always look for fresh produce in a grocery store.

The “eat brighter!” theme is based on parallels between the vibrant colors of the Sesame Street characters, and the equally vibrant colors of fresh produce. The campaign will be using keywords like healthy, brilliant and alive to encourage parents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

The President of the PMA, Cathy Burns, said, “As parents, grandparents and mentors to young children, we have the responsibility to change habits now so children can grow into healthy adults. As produce marketers, we finally have the tools through this partnership to drive change by encouraging children to ‘eat brighter!’ for a healthier future.”

We are so delighted that this effort has been developed and announced. There is nothing more important to us than feeding your family the right foods for a healthier lifestyle. And all along, as we write about diet, nutrition, exercise, vitamins and so much more, it’s important to remember that families who eat together also reap the benefits of good conversation, healthy discussions, and camaraderie that often times are put on the back burner in today’s extremely busy lifestyles. So, until next week, enjoy your April and don’t forget to “eat brighter!”



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